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Hi. I'm a software engineer; this is my site, containing random articles, mostly.
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So... here is a rotating WebGL cube, because such a thing is clearly what every blog needs.

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Update 2020/09/06: here comes an entirely new layout, with little tiles.

Update 2018/08/05: clickable images with a gallery! (... which is nice & mobile-friendly.) They only work within the posts, though.

Newer articles that I didn't quite list here yet

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Keto Coconut Brownie


An exploration of SBCL internals


The main goal of this article (... it might even turn into a series of articles) is to give a tour of the internals of SBCL (... as an example of how a Lisp system looks like from the inside) while not assuming a lot of implementation-specific knowledge on the reader's part. It's also an experiment in "learning in the public"; at the point of starting to write this, I don't actually know a lot about how SBCL works either. We're going to figure this out together.

IndieAuth: an intuitive explanation


IndieAuth is a really nice application of OAuth2, using your own website to authenticate. There exist already quite some descriptions of how it works, how and why it's different from OAuth (... along with the actual W3 note)... so you can read those if you want to implement some of it. However... I think there might be a lack of information on why things work the way they do, making all the requests & responses fairly convoluted and pointlessly bureaucratic.

Recording video from a TV tuner card


Just in case anyone would need a hastily written summary of how to record video (... e.g. for archival of VHS tapes) from a v4l2 device, in our case a Leadtek Winfast 2000XP Expert, from... well, 2004.

Koronavírus — A kalapács és a tánc, 2. rész


Ez a poszt Tomas Pueyo "Coronavirus: the Hammer and the Dance" című írásának magyar fordítása, abból is a második rész. Az első felét itt találod meg.

Setting up Yubikeys on Gentoo


Putting this here because... although there are nice articles on how to do this, I only found them once I went through the entire process, figuring out where each error message was coming from. So... here is a google-able (although extremely sloppy) writeup; maybe it'll help someone?

Keto Lava Cake


... which actually also works well as a non-keto lava cake, given its origins as such... however, given how nontrivial it is to tell whether it's the keto version or not, using actual sugar seems to be kinda pointless (but doable).

Coffee Cake (... the keto recipe)


Contrary to what one might expect, this will not actually include actual quantities of things; instead, there will be photos. After all, this is still just a demonstration of a working website with actual pictures. <img> ... the above is for the actual cake; the following are the crumbs: <img> (quantities correspond to the measurement devices next to the ingredients themselves.)

London on the way back, 2018

2018/08/25, 16:37@PDT

Soo… these are some pics from our 2018 Europe trip, specifically from the one day in London we had for sleepover.

A random alien artifact in the desert

2018/08/25, 15:44@PDT

Just a random thing I made with Blender:


2018/05/12, 23:08@PDT

So, to have some actual content on the site: here is a recipe for fancy “noatmeal”!


2018/05/01, 20:07@PDT

So… this is the first entry. On this site. Which is… some kind of blog?