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Subscribing to RSS Feeds

This is post no. 67 for Kev Quirk's #100DaysToOffload challenge. The point is to write many things, not to write good ones. Please adjust quality expectations accordingly :)

Remember how some browsers used to have a little "RSS" icon in the title bar?

a screenshot of... Firefox 4.0? or before? with the RSS icon, an arrow pointing to it

(... the article with the above picture is really outdated, but... it had the right image to demonstrate.)

I never actually used it, as... adding a feed to some local Firefox feed reader is kinda pointless if you have multiple computers, but... it's still worth comparing the experience of following someone on Twitter / Facebook / even Mastodon:

(... there is no step 2)

... to subscribing to an RSS feed:

Meanwhile, there is zero browser support for this. (As it looks like, browsers have been losing a lot of UI functionality as time went by.)

A workaround for Miniflux

Here is how to do it in a significantly simpler way with Miniflux, which I'm using; also, Firefox (... but, yet again, this might work in other browsers, too).

Namely, you can add a bookmarklet that leads you to the Miniflux "add feed" page, with the URI already filled out! The bookmarklet looks like this:


You can actually drag-and-drop this out from (although you might have to edit the domain part). If it's on your bookmarks toolbar, you can just click it to subscribe to any site you're visiting.

(... by the way, see this article on how to make Miniflux / your RSS reader of choice to work from anywhere... and to make it have neat domain names.)

So... this is all great, but... do we have to now stare at the bookmark bar all the time, taking up valuable pixels on the screen?


As it turns out: no. You can add a keyword to your bookmarks and bookmarklets, so that if you type it into your title bar, it goes to that URI (... or invokes the bookmarklet!).

the Firefox 'edit bookmark' window, with the 'keyword' field filled out

So... with the above having been set up, subscribing to a site goes like this: