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Keto Coconut Brownie



(Note the absence of any "coconut" things whatsoever.)


Melt the chocolate e.g. in a microwave oven (... well, it's pretty much the same as with the lava cake, but this time we have pictures, too.)

At some point, add the butter so that it continues melting together.

Add the other solid things.

... but ohh wait, we left out the coconut.

Let's add, appropriately, 1/4 cup of it.

... at which point, we'll get a somewhat solid thing.

Also add walnuts / pecans / other nuts...

... along with the eggs...

... which should make it a little more fluid.

Bake it at 175 C (350 F) , until... it's solid enough. It's supposed to be 15-20 mins according to the original recipe, but, as always, it depends. Unlike the lava cake though, it's not overly sensitive to timing.

Also, at some point, one should come to the conclusion that the words "coconut" and "cocoa", despite their seeming similarity, do not point to the same concepts. On the other hand, apparently, brownies and coconut flour combine fairly well:

... the one potential issue being the additional fluid being removed by the coconut (thus, it might need some extra water if it ends up being overly dry). On the other hand, given the presence of chocolate, the end result still qualifies as a "brownie", thus, all is well.

Possible future research directions include adding both cocoa and coconut.

(For reference: here is the original recipe!)