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Keto Lava Cake


... which actually also works well as a non-keto lava cake, given its origins as such... however, given how nontrivial it is to tell whether it's the keto version or not, using actual sugar seems to be kinda pointless (but doable).



Melt the chocolate e.g. in a microwave oven (doing it in a glass container works well).

Once it starts getting melty, keep pestering non-molten chocolate pieces with a fork because it's fun   add the butter so they reach their melting point roughly at the same time.

Add the the sweet powder thing (... which optimally comes with a fine enough particle size of around 50 microns; granulated versions might dissolve well)... along with the almond flour. Mix well.

Meanwhile, preheat oven to 190 C (375 F) .

Add eggs last. It should generally look something like this:

You can bake it in both conventional ovens and air fryers. Timing is important but heavily dependent on the equipment available, temperature levels and atmospheric pressure; in our experience, higher levels of air circulation (e.g. use of air fryers or fancier ovens) and higher surface-to-mass ratio for the cakes (as typically observed when the cakes are small) result in lower optimal baking times.

As a rule of thumb:

is a good starting point.

Always keep in mind that the mission objective is to get the outside of the cake solid while the inside shall be still melty. It's fairly easy to get this wrong, in which case you shall discard the failed experimental specimens and start over.

(... it is to be noted that "discarding failed experimental specimens" does not count as "eating lava cake", regardless of the amount in need of being disposed of. Proper eating of lava cake should still follow later.)

Meanwhile, here is a stopwatch I just wrote in Javascript because I'm a nerd. It's supposed to be clickable.


And here are some more pictures of the end result. Good luck & have fun!