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2018/05/12, 23:08@PDT

So, to have some actual content on the site: here is a recipe for fancy “noatmeal”!

(… “oatmeal”, but not.)

(… clickable & enlargeable images are coming soon, I promise.)

(Update 2018/08/25: they’re clickable and enlargeable!)

Nevertheless… steps are the following; for 1 person:

Almond flour… ~18 g.

Flax meal ~7 g-ish:

Shredded coconut 7g:

Hemp seed 10g:

Chia seeds 13g:

Add a pinch of salt (… it’s really not a lot, and thus not really showing up on the scale):

Finally, “fluids”. Half a cup (120 g / ml) of… whatever is available; almond / macademia milk (… or, in our case, water plus heavy whipping cream).

For “sweetness”, we added a tablespoon (~15g) of fancy Torani brown sugar cinnamon syrup:

Mix and cook until it’s reasonably solid.

It’s best with a smallish block of in-the-process-of-melting, slightly salted butter on top!